About Us

Having designed some of the world’s finest megayachts, yacht design firm Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd. has built a reputation as one of the top naval architecture firms in the world. For more than 35 years, founder Greg Marshall and his business partner, naval architect Gordon Galbraith, have designed ever-larger megayachts, and commercial craft for a wide variety of clientele. As with any life-long dream, it started early with Greg.

“I’ve been a boat nut since I was three years old, I sketched boats on many surfaces, including my school’s blackboard. When they were erased, I’d start again. I always liked powerboats. And I devoured yachting magazines.”

Greg Marshall examining a scale ship model

Greg’s father, Victoria architect Donovan Marshall, recognized his son’s obsession and introduced him to Bill Garden, the famed yacht designer. Garden asked the 15-year-old Greg to sketch a yacht for a customer. Greg made batches of drawings and when the opportunity presented itself, Garden offered him a few weeks of drafting work after High School. In 6 years under the tutelage of Bill Garden, Greg amassed the skills and practical approach to yacht design that has served him to this day.

Pacific Mariner 65

This was the first job under the new entity, Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect, which was asked to design some aspects for the small production yacht.

The innovative design was popular and led directly to design contracts for the Westport 112 and 130, production yachts that have been well received and continue to be produced more than 20 years after the original design concept was created. The firm went from win to win, creating the attractive and internationally lauded San Juan 38 and 48.

Leaders in Creative Yacht Design and Naval Architecture

The team of naval architects and engineers at Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects (GCMNA) have gone on to become a sought-after design firm on the international stage as well as a trusted and capable partner for repeat business with clients, shipyards and suppliers in North America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. Over the last fifteen years the firm has won a number of awards for the 32-metre Calixas, 34-metre VVS1 and 45-metre BigFish, including the World Yachts Trophy, the International Superyacht Society Design Awards, the Showboats Design Awards, and the Asian Boating Awards.

Looking to the Future

Over the next decade Greg Marshall Design intends to design “super-intelligent” superyachts. Just as iPhones and tablets have changed the way we live, technology is changing yacht design.

3D printing has already become an integral part of the industry and in the future entire hulls will be 3D printed in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Gord Galbraith and Greg Marshall

“It’s an exciting, challenging time in yacht design. My greatest success as a naval architect is that after 36 years, I still love going to work.”