3-D Modeling

Consistent 3-D Modeling

We provide you with drawings of every aspect of the yacht in 3-D model images. This type of modeling yields clear-cut advantages. You can view your yacht from every angle, inside and out. In addition, 3-D imaging is more exact and often reveals unused spaces that can be made available for such things as fender storage or built-in seating.

With our precision design, portions of the yacht can be constructed anywhere the skills are available. For example, while the hull is under construction in one location, the woodwork can be built somewhere else, thus speeding up your yacht's completion. Moreover, the modeling allows designers, owners and boat yards to grasp the overall contours and details of the yacht early on, thereby minimizing change orders.

All our 3-D design work are all developed in house, making GCMNA a full-service Design/Engineering office. This gives GCMNA an unparalleled level of control over every aspect of the design of your project. This level of detail allows us to build your Yacht “virtually” in our computers before producing the 2D working drawings. By “Virtual building” your Yacht it allows us to prove out all concepts and allows complete coordination with every disciple of the design. It is these key components that basically eliminate the costly “shop floor” changes that plague every Yacht Build project.