#4286 - Burger 120

RPH Motor Yacht

Length 121'
Beam 26'
Cruising Speed 22kts
Max Speed 25kts

Quick Facts

  • Multilevel flybridge

Burger Boat Company is well-known for a number of classic yachts. The Burger 121 RPH Motor Yacht, a proposal created with GCMNA, reaffirms the American shipyard’s roots in modern megayacht design and construction.

The "RPH" in 121 RPH Motor Yacht stands for raised pilothouse. It’s a feature that is at once both practical and pleasurable. No wonder, then, that raised-pilothouse designs are among the most popular configurations around. Here, it’s also executed with decidedly contemporary styling and traffic flow. The Burger 121 RPH Motor Yacht gains a two-level flying bridge. The lower portion, shown with loose sun lounges, is aligned with the enclosed pilothouse. The upper portion of the flying bridge is shaded by the aluminum hardtop, which also has skylights. Dining, taking in the passing scenery, and more are sure to be enjoyed on the upper level. There’s further an additional helm station fully forward.

Further making the Burger 121 RPH Motor Yacht sensible: the 298 gross tonnage. Staying beneath the 500-gross-tons limit avoids a number of restrictive regulations. That’s not to say, however, that the megayacht won’t meet some technical challenges. The Burger 121 RPH Motor Yacht will be built to Lloyds classification and additionally meet the MCA Code and new MLC regulations.

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