Interior Design

It is in the design of your yacht's interior that our earlier rigorous discussions with you pay the largest dividends. Except for the first, exterior view of a yacht, the interior is the vessel's most visible part, often the one that elicits the greatest input from owners and their families.

And interior construction represents the most labor-intensive aspect of building a yacht. When we compare the finishing of a yacht's interior with, say, hull construction or mechanical installations, the interior demands a disproportionate amount of time. That's why GCMNA plans interior spaces with such painstaking detail well in advance of construction. Planning saves execution time and prevents change orders, which are costly and can skew the completion schedule.

Some of the drawings form the basis for CNC data which can simplify sawing miters, panels, joints, corners, cut-outs and moldings. In addition, with CNC technology, we can determine how to get the most out of a slab of wood and thereby save on expensive materials.

Our detailed 3-D drawings with exact measurements and representations of styling details allow much of the joinery work to be completed in a workshop rather than onboard, so multiple tasks can progress simultaneously.