#677 - VVS1

34 Meter Global Explorer Superyacht

Length 112'
Beam 25'3''
Cruising Speed 13kts

Quick Facts

  • Now named "AKIKO"
  • Teppnayaki bar on sundeck
  • Fabulous art on board

VVS1 was commissioned by a New Zealand couple to exceed the requirements of most yachts of its type on the water today. The faceted superstructure will have a look of action as it enters any safe harbour and with a maximum speed of 13 knots and a range of 3000 nautical miles this Lloyds/MCA classed yacht will take the owners almost anywhere they desire. The interior was styled with simplicity in mind. Clean edges and soft colours make one feel calm and relaxed while underway or berthed for the night.

"VvS1 is my private Super Yacht specifically built to experience the South Pacific in a unique way. It is my favorite hideaway. To have such a seaworthy vessel designed by renowned international designer Greg Marshall is a dream come true. The design breaks traditional thinking in layout and shape, yet is practical and functional. The exterior gives the impression of masculine ruggedness while the interior is elegant, simplistic luxury. Alloy Yachts of Auckland, New Zealand built VvS1 to their usual fastidious standard, and Ed Cruickshank designed the furniture. VvS1, the winner of 2008 world Superyacht awards now has a pedigree of near perfection, like the diamond grade it was named after." - Sir Michael Hill