#637 - Royal Passagemaker 52

Displacement Trawler

Length 52'
Beam 16'4''
Cruising Speed 8kts
Max Speed 11kts

All exterior decks and cabin structures are moulded foam cored vacuum infused fibreglass and the hull is solid vacuum infused fibreglass below the waterline, and foam cored above the waterline.

This new vessel will be available in both two & three stateroom models. This vessel will displace approximately 114,968 lbs., making it a very capable ocean voyager with the latest comfort, styling and design features.

The Royal Passagemaker 52 is truly capable of taking an adventurous couple with or without friends economically cruising around the oceans of the world in safety, with all the comforts of home.

The hulls, decks and cabin structures are vacuum infused with vinylester resin and unidirectional glass fibres. When core is used in our laminates, we use ATC Corecel triple cut within our infused laminate. There are generous overlaps at all edges of material runs, with the stem and keel having double hull laminates. Being that we use vinylester resin for vacuum infusion, the risk of osmosis has been eliminated.

The deck and cabin structure is cored with high density foam which provides strength and rigidity as well as provides an insulating factor. (Unlike wood or Balsa core the foam does not break down or rot over time.)

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PassageMakerPassageMakerDecember 2008