#4297 - 42m Fast Yacht Support Vessel

Yacht Support Vessel

Length 137'8''
Beam 28'3''
Cruising Speed 20kts
Max Speed 22.5kts

Quick Facts

  • 100000 L diesel capacity

The Concept..... rather than being forced to live with a slow shadow vessel, this customized support yacht provides the muscle and power designed to carry the marine toys for an experienced yatchtsman to support his 50m yacht. There's no point in having a support ship if it lags behind, this 23 knot vessel is all aluminum construction capable of carrying over 40 tonnes of deck cargo and provisions. With the capability of refueling the main yacht, she carries over 100,000 litres of diesel oil. Accommodations can carry 6 - 8 crew and has the provision of 6 more guest in 3 staterooms. First impressions count, this shadow boat is not only amazingly functional; it will be a real head turner.